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 The Death of Freakazoid...

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The worldhealer
The worldhealer

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PostSubject: The Death of Freakazoid...   3/12/2008, 08:41

They of Alluc.


My life is (almost) over....
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Trance Maxwell
The Legendary Gunslinger
The Legendary Gunslinger

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PostSubject: Re: The Death of Freakazoid...   3/20/2008, 13:58

Yes they did. A tragedy of the ages for sure...

But...fear not!

For the Seeker has brought us all the episodes of Freakazoid! And has put them on our computer for our viewing ecstasy! Their shall be rejoicing in the streets once more.

If you kill yourself to save yourself, is that murder?

The Mongi aren't afraid of anything, no matter how larger or meaner it is. After all, there is strength in numbers, and they definately have numbers. Then it dawned on me! The Mongi are the Chinese of CLAN! And then I thought, well Quentala blow themselves up for their cause, so they're very much like suicide bombers which makes them like......I should probably stop now.
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The Death of Freakazoid...
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