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 Mind-Trip Lain?

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Trance Maxwell
The Legendary Gunslinger
The Legendary Gunslinger

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PostSubject: Mind-Trip Lain?   2/27/2008, 17:47

Has anyone ever seen Serial Experiment Lain? I was being an insomniac (as I pretty much am every other night) and was randomly googling random things that popped into my head and suddenly I came back with a result that led me to Episode 5 of this show:

There's the link I found...They have all 13 episodes of the show on Veoh, at least I think they have all of them. I ended up watching Epi 1/2 and 5. Restarting after I liked 5.

It's a bit trippy (at least it was at 2:00 in the morning I'll digest it easier tomorrow I'm sure) and is a Psychological anime for sure. Along the lines of Ghost in the Shell but less Combative and more thought provoked.


I enjoyed it, enough to want to watch all 13 episodes within the next few days, which I will do. It also makes me want to get back to writing 'Shadow Dreams' a book concept I had a while back. Either that or play a World of Darkness game focused around this sort of thing (Mage anyone?)

What other kind of stuff is along these lines? Any suggestions? I already know about Ghost In The Shell, as I already mentioned that. Love that Anime too, just looking for others.

If you kill yourself to save yourself, is that murder?

The Mongi aren't afraid of anything, no matter how larger or meaner it is. After all, there is strength in numbers, and they definately have numbers. Then it dawned on me! The Mongi are the Chinese of CLAN! And then I thought, well Quentala blow themselves up for their cause, so they're very much like suicide bombers which makes them like......I should probably stop now.
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The worldhealer
The worldhealer

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PostSubject: Re: Mind-Trip Lain?   3/12/2008, 08:35

Yes, Lain IS trippy, and it doesn't matter what time of the day you watch it. Great theme song though...
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Mind-Trip Lain?
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