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Trance Maxwell
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The Legendary Gunslinger

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PostSubject: Gasp! Non-CLAN RP Forums   2/15/2008, 19:10

So, I hope everyone is enjoying chapter one of the Rise of the Triumphant series. While other stories are bound to continue we are opening up the possibility for you to start a few of your own! A new story section will be added where you can start non-linear CLAN based games.

On top of that we wanted to add a section to the site for other forum stories to unfold that weren't CLAN based. This topic was to get your opinions on what kind of genres you'd like to see. Note, we're mainly looking for game concepts outside the realm of fantasy, which is pretty much covered by CLAN itself.

Cyberpunk/Sci FI is one idea we had
Modern Horror/Cthulu Esque stories was another.

What else would you guys like to see? a Superheroes section? Westerns? Anime (along the lines of Big Eyes, Small Mouth?), let us know!
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Gasp! Non-CLAN RP Forums
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