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Trance Maxwell
The Legendary Gunslinger
The Legendary Gunslinger
Trance Maxwell

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PostSubject: Emoticons & Smilies   Emoticons & Smilies Icon_minitime2/10/2008, 16:19

So...I finally figured out how to tweek the Emoticons area! I've been super busy with everything else, but I was being an insomniac, as usual, and didn't feel like posting much but I did feel like working on the site. So here is the fruits of my labor. A sample of all the new Emoticons!!

Very Mad




Give a thumbs up

Computer Typing

Hit The Wall


Drink Coffee

What The Furry?


Play the Guitar

Listen to Music

Cat Rolling

Use the Microwave

And under Anime:

ha ha ha

Ba roo-

Okay Wise Guy...


You shouldn't have!

Look Cute & Innocent

Let me know what you guys all think of em! Also, if you have any that you want added, feel free to send them to our Masters of Mischief email! follow the link under my Profile.

If you kill yourself to save yourself, is that murder?

The Mongi aren't afraid of anything, no matter how larger or meaner it is. After all, there is strength in numbers, and they definately have numbers. Then it dawned on me! The Mongi are the Chinese of CLAN! And then I thought, well Quentala blow themselves up for their cause, so they're very much like suicide bombers which makes them like......I should probably stop now.
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Emoticons & Smilies
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