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Trance Maxwell
The Legendary Gunslinger
The Legendary Gunslinger
Trance Maxwell

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PostSubject: QUICK GUIDE TO CLAN   QUICK GUIDE TO CLAN Icon_minitime2/10/2008, 04:40

Playable Races

Airetaim (Air-a-tim): Created by Azra, goddess of Chaos they are the beautiful and passionate winged race of Errayne. Also known as the Fae and commonly referred to as such.
Dinti (Din-Tie): Created by Veidrai, goddess of Order they are the adepts, quick learners and jacks of all trades sort of speak. Also known as the Humans, but you’ll more commonly hear ‘You Dinti!’ as opposed to ‘You human!’ at least when being addressed by the other races.
Fangrra (Fang-Ra): The canine humanoids of CLAN: Age of Legends. Can be either wolf-like or fox-like, they are naturally skilled warriors and artlessly connected to the lesser beasts.
Galkane (Gal-Kane): Feline humanoids of CLAN. They are spiritual and commonly referred to, at least as a whole, as the Subtle Spirits.
Nagatani (Naga-Ta-Nee): The reptilian, more so snake creatures of Errayne. They are skilled in tracking and survival, and naturally charming. The Nagatani are superstitious of technology as a whole.
Nullmina (Null-me-na): Watchers of the seas and rivers. Nullmina are naturally born with the divine gift of being able to breathe underwater. They are often called Sirens because of their enchanting voices.
Quentala (Ken-Tall-la): Quentala are a race of tinkerers, builders, mechanics and pyromaniacs. Often called the Goblin folk, but this is an extremely vulgar and derogatory term. So if you call a Quentala a goblin, be prepared.
Ryaka (Re-ya-ka): rodent humanoids of Errayne, they are rat-like in appearance, and to a degree, nature. They are known world wide for being the creators of most martial arts.
Sulaze (Sue-la-z): The elementals, they were fashioned and brought into creation from the world itself. Sulaze are formed from one of the two base properties of earth, either stone or wood. Slang terms for them are Crags (Stone) and Twigs (Wood)

Countries and Territories

Allestrium (A-less-trium): The largest city in Errayne by a long shot, it is its own ruling nation. It's major interest points are the Arcane University (A college devoted to the studies of more complex arts) and the Rune Knight order (a group of chilvarious-like knights known for there use of Runic items, there shields bear the crest of their order). Allestrium is very much like the city of Mecca was for our world, a place where all cultures came together to share knowledge.
Bristonia: One of the great power nations of Errayne. Ruled by twelve noble families, the people are either filthy rich aristocrats or dirt poor peons. Think very much along the lines of medieval eastern Europe. They are known for their extremely powerful navy.
Cinsu Territories (Sin-Su): A continent of thick jungles and abundant rivers. It has only recently been colonized, its natives, the nagatani know the land better than any others. The tuskar, cannibal elephant man also inhabit the area.
Crystal Lighthouse: Originally the lighthouse was built to guide ships through the teeth of Heliis, dangerous rocks that spout out of the seas in the area. Now it is mainly used by a secretive order of Galkane monks for they have built their monastary upon the island. The remnants of the library of Kilono were moved to the Lighthouse after the Dragon Wars, where they are protected by the Guided Hand, a monk warrior faction.
Kalmune (Kal-Moon): It is a relatively young nation, breaking away and forming its own government only recently from Qintess. Kalmune is the desert nation located on the southwest pennisula of its continent. The government is dominated by fangrra women, to the point where men are second-class-citizens.
Kyaka (Key-ya-ka): Kyaka is the province of Victocia, located across the sea of sorrows below Rioun. Because of its proximity to the industrious nation of Rioun it is a nation in a consistent transition of the old ways with the new. While this is a bit of an emerging problem the beautiful scenery and considerate people overshadows the nuisance.
Lindsgale: A frigid country of tundra and snowy ice cap mountains, its people are secluded and hermetic in nature. It's hightlights of course is its exportation of Northern Lights, Errayne's favorite pick-me-up, and Nuemkae ( New-em-ki) Prison, where the hardest of criminals from across the world are sent.
Neveresta: A nation of great forests the people have grown to live with the land, in the trees, instead of chopping them down to build cities. The capital pays home to the Vagrant Society, the last true group of explorers.
North's End: The newly established mining colony of Vellios. It has become a sort of pilgrimage for those wanting to get rich, and who are willing to dig themselves a place in the world, often with nothing but their own hands.
Qintess (Kin-tess): A land of sand and while beautiful, severe conditions. One of the major powers on Errayne, led by the great Sheik Badir-al Din. His word is law in all things, but he is a brave and honorable Airetaim and well loved by his subjects.
Rioun (Rye-oon): The most industrialized nation in Errayne, Rioun is the northern kingdom formerly ruled by the Maxwell bloodline. With the expulsion of the dark prince Landese, crown prince Trance Maxwell has handed power to the people of Rioun, making it Errayne’s first and only Republic. Rioun is the birthplace of the Arcane Engineers, a society dedicated to protecting the people of Errayne from the effects of too much technology in too short a time.
Ruffian Isles: Even pirates and cutthroats must have a home, and that home is this set of islands. The Ruffian Isles are known for three things: Bar fights, black market deals, and slavery rackets.
Scilsdal (Sis-ih-dale): A horse means more to a Scilsdalian than a king’s treasure. They are ruled in conjunction with Bristonia but are proud of their political sway, since five of the twelve ruling families are from Scilsdal. The people of Scilsdal are a strong, proud lot, quick to laugh and equally quick to fight.
Suelanii (Sway-la-ne): The land of black sands and obsidian, nearly always shrouded in night. The people are known for their superior craftsmanship of obsidian objects, from swords and weapon heads to obsidian bowls and vases. Dotted throughout the land are individual city states.
Vellios: The home of capitalism and trade, if you are in the market for something, as long as its lethal and even then sometimes not, you'll find it in Vellios. The famous 'Merchant's Haven' can be found here, a city comprised of nothing but shops and services. From there the road of gems stretches forth across the land, the most lucrative trade lane in the world.
Victocia: Disciplined and honor bound, the people of Victocia devote themselves to the perfection of whatever they pursue. The country is home to some of the most well trained soldiers in the world, the Methhurae. Their structures are as unique as their culture, as reflected in their famous meditation gardens and decorative ponds.

Currency & Trade

Cren: Also commonly just called Crystal, for that is exactly what it is. They're different weighted and colored crystals with a small pigmentation that shows which government treasury they are backed by. This is the common currency of Errayne, and is used nearly everywhere.
Norriked! (Nore-Ricked!): A catch phrase for when you believe you've been financially had, whether you've been given counterfeit Cren or a defective item as in 'Wait, this isn't Steel, it's copper with silver painting over it! I've been Norriked!' This phrase grew out of the infamy of Norrike Kanus, the counterfeit conman of legend.
Northern Lights: The staple of Lindsgale, found througout Errayne. A rolled sleeve of special 'herbs' that is smoked to cause relaxation, or to just make you look Polp! Northern Lights would be sort of like cigarettes or other tobacco products, except without all the bad extras, it's just straight herbs and no preservatives.

Slang Terminology & Slanderous Outcries

Polp (Pulp): The equivalent of saying Cool, or Awesome.
Cobbletop: The equivalent of saying Crap or Sh*@. Origins in the Quentala created Cobbletop, an alchemy based product that is sticky and causes whatever it is attached to to begin to burn, much like our napalm. Due to even the enemies dismay, it smells horrendous. 'It smells like cobbletop in here!'
Seeker (Short for Seeker of Solace): A rude name for someone from Allestrium. Makes referance to the fact that Allestrium has tried to remain completely pacifistic even during conflicts that took place at their doorstep, such as the Dragon Wars. It's a bit like calling them a pansy or wuss. The only usual common use of this you'll see in CLAN is Trance calling Malcove by the name Seeker, not out of insult, at least not anymore, but out of a odd at best, mutual friendship.
Road of Greed: A term sometimes used to reflect the nature of the road of gems. But most from Vellios would never use this term, after all, it's not greed they're after, it's 'merely opportunity'.

Worlds & Planes of Existence

Errayne (Air-Rain): The world that most of CLAN takes place in.
The Nexus: The first world before it was destroyed during the Avatar Wars. It still exists but has been sealed off from Errayne for quite some time now. It is where souls go after death.

Pantheon & Religion

Azra: Goddess of Chaos, the sway of the Sun and stars. One of the Divine Sisters who born from the primordial essence of the Nexus gave birth to the Airetaim.
Veidrai (Vay-Dra): Goddess of Order, power over the moons. One of the Divine Sisters who came from the bleakness of the swirling Nexus to create beauty with the aid of her sister, and give birth to the Dinti.
The Divine: When addressing both of the sisters, not just one or the other they are referred to as the Divine, or the Sisters. IE: 'May the Divine watch over you.' or 'By the light of the Sisters!'.
Erestol (Air-a-stall): The false prophet, also sometimes called the Wayward. His questioning of the Divine's actions led to the Avatar Wars. He is now shackled to the Soul Stone where he will remain for all eternity...or so most hope.
The Keepers: The most devout under the Divine, aided the sister's and their followers during the Avatar Wars and the aftermath.
The Forsaken: Those that left the guidance of the Sisters and followed the ways of Erestol.
Idia (E-de-ah):keeper of light, healing and medicine known as the white lady.
Bahimeth (Ba-hem-eth): The Judge, keeper of justice and integrity.
Kilono (Ka-low-no): Keeper of knowledge and the quest for purpose considered the first true Vagrant.
Peljae (Pel-Jay): Known as the Hedge Queen she is the keeper of growth, forests and agriculture.
Sereus: Keeper of the seas and rivers called by many the Azure Beauty.
Hanneak (Ha-nake): The forgemaster, Keeper of fire and industry. Kholorai’s husband.
Meera: Keeper over the sky and all its workings.
Lannea (Lahn-e-a): Forsaken, once the keeper of beauty and attractiveness.
Kelak: Forsaken, brother of Kilono, considered the dark wanderer for his search for the understanding of shadow.
Dogo: Forsaken, known as the Trickster, Player of games and setter of traps.
Tarcissa (Tark-sis-a): Forsaken, harbinger of pestilence, destroyer of crops and forests alike.
Aubren: Forsaken and master of water, he causes the great maelstroms, hurricanes, and tsunamis. He is the bane of sailors, and spoken of quite superstitiously.
Kholorai (Co-Lore-a): Forsaken, she is the destructive side of fire. nicknamed the Warforger where Hanneak used flame for building and crafting, Kholorai turned to weaponsmithing.
Vedek (Vee-Deck): Forsaken of Wind and Meera’s opposite. He whips up the tornados and sends the sandstorms to strafe the earth clean of life.

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