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 Going Live Monday Feb. 4th

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Trance Maxwell
The Legendary Gunslinger
The Legendary Gunslinger
Trance Maxwell

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Going Live Monday Feb. 4th Empty
PostSubject: Going Live Monday Feb. 4th   Going Live Monday Feb. 4th Icon_minitime1/31/2008, 05:23

The Time Is Almost Here...

Monday CLAN goes live, that means that the Trial of Towers Chronicle will begin! Trial of Towers is the first chapter in the 'Rise of the Triumphant' series. Depending on its success we may open up additional Chronicles, running two or three stories simultaneously. Thank you for being patient with us. If you're planning on participating please fill out your character info page and have it looked over by either myself, or one of the moderators. The few of you who have already joined our ranks. I hope you like what you've seen, and that you'll stick around! Please, feel free to tell anyone you'd like about our site, we are after all an open forum, and all are welcome, even those that have little to no roleplaying experience, there's no better game to start out on than CLAN. After all it's what I personally started out on!

And now a teaser for the upcoming game:

The town of New Haven finds itself resting between Dulkbay, the capital of Scilsdal, and the watchtower of Aberdane. It is a relatively quiet town, but yet something is at work in the hilly woods nearby. Rumors speak of a lost artifact, and its immortal protectors. As conflict and feuding begins to become daily routine in the courts of Bristonia there may be someone who would wish to possess such an artifact, to shift the balance of power…To shift the balance of shadow and light…
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Going Live Monday Feb. 4th
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